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Yaran Oil Field

Yaran Oil Field

Yaran Oil Field is one of the south-west Iranian Oil Fields which is located adjacent to the border line with Iraq. This oil field is 48 kilometers long and 2.5 km. wide in which the oil in place is estimated to be approximately 2 billion standard barrels. Sarvak Formation is considered as the main reservoir of this field.
Yaran structure which shows Arabian trend of North-South (Similar to Darquian oil field) in north Dezful (Abadan Plain) is situated 30 km. west of Jofeyr and north west of Yadavaran Giant Oil Field. Yaran Oil Field is 70 km. west of Soosangerd city, south west of Khoozestan Province.
Being a common field , the early production of Yaran from one well (YRNN-01) from 2012 with 1500 barrels per day. The oil produced from this field is 19º API which is considered as heavy oil. Development of northern part of this field is in the latest stages by Persia oil and Gas Industry Development Co. the final production of this field will reach 30,000 barrels per day.
Maroon Oil Field is the third Giant Oil field in Iran (67 km long and 7 km. wide) which is located in north west of Omidieh city and 40 km. South east of Ahvaz city. Development of Maroon oil field was carried out during 1963 to 1966 and production from this field (Asmari Reservoir) started form 1966. this field is composed of two oil fields viz., Asmari Reservoir and Bangestan Reservoir and a natural gas reservoir (Khami Formation). This field is operated by Maroon Production Company under reservoir management of NISOC. The present production of this field is 18,500 barrels of crude oil from Bangestan Reservoir.
This field is located in the eastern Dezful Embayment adjacent to Ahvaz, Aghajari and Kupal Oil Fields. This field shows Northwest-Southeast trend in the western and central parts and northeast-southwest trend in the eastern parts. Aghajari Formation is the outcrop in this field. Asmari Formation as the most important reservoir in this field is further subdivided into 6 reservoir layers in which layers 1,2 and 3 are dolomitic carbonate and shows dense fracture system. In layers 4,5 and 6 due to presence of shale and marl and also decrease in fracture density, reservoir quality decreases. Production from Bangestan Reservoir as the second important reservoir in this field started in 1973.
Kupal Oil Field with 39 km. length and 4 km. width is located 60 km. northeast of Ahvaz city. This field was explored in 1965 and production from this field was started from 1971 the in place oil of this field is estimated to be around 5.6 billion standard barrels.
In this field 48 wells have been drilled by NISOC from which 32 wells are currently active. The production operation is being carried out by Marun Production Co. the present production of this field is 91,000 barrels of crude oil per day and also 2000 barrels condensate.

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